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Amsterdam calling...

Last month we visited Amsterdam. For the first time - and I fell in love with this city immediately!


Those historic, lovingly restored buildings, bigger and smaller canals all around the city, narrow streets and the huge harbour, (house) boats and bicycles everywhere... Simply beautiful and adorable.


And the autumn gave its best: Bright sunshine and with the trees that just turned from green to yellow and orange and red the city just seemed to sparkle and be the most charming place.

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Summer knitting

I know I did not write a lot these past few months. But guess what? I knitted a lot more than that! So here is my summer in knit pics...

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Pineapples are this summer's best friend!

Are you still looking for a nice pattern that you could use for your next knitting project? Something fashionable and funky, something that screams "summer!"? Then maybe this is what you are looking for: an intarsia design for a pineapple.

Pineapples can be seen anywhere this summer. Not only as a popular fruit when it comes to eating (or drinking): pineapples seem to be THE symbol for summer this year. Whereever you look, you can find it on shirts and scarves, any fabrics in general like on bedding and towels. Pineapples can be bought as vases and candles, and any other home deco accessories. Just everywhere!

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Knitting & Flying

This year we decided to take our summer holiday pretty early in the year. We did not have very warm and nice spring weather so far here in the western part of Germany so we chose a spot where we could be sure to spend some really sunny and hot days: Abu Dhabi. It was the first time for many years that we planned a longer flight - the first time actually with kids.


I had hoped they would sleep during the flight and so I wanted to take some entertainment on the plane with me - my knitting. But the questions that popped up on my mind was: "Am I allowed to take knitting needles with me?"

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Sommer in der Heide

Do you remember the shirt I knitted for my mom as a present for Mother's Day? That I couldn't finish in time? Well, it is finished now. And I have to admit, I am a little bit proud because I think this might be one of the best garment I knitted so far.

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Happy Mother's Day!

In Germany we celebrate Muttertag on the 8th of May. My mom always gets some "girly stuff" as a present like cosmetics. But this year when I started knitting more than ever - #nevernotknitting - I decided to knit her something.

Not just something though, of course. I wanted a summer shirt for her, soft and lightweight, rather plain with some small decorative details (which is just my - and her - kind of style).

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Welcome, Emma!

Since last week I have a co-worker. I can not even believe it! Of course I knew I could not handle all the tasks by myself. So I decided to hire someone who is responsible to present my knitting designs and my projects to you. It is obvious this can not be handled by anybody. I needed someone with attitude and grace, with a sense for beauty and style.

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My first pattern - BALLERINA

I finally did it - I finished my first pattern!


I already had many notes for different patterns. But I decided to start with this one for many reasons. I hope you like it, too!

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#knitwritelaugh in Social Media

Social Media is a big thing. Most of us joined already one or two (or even more?) social networks. It is great to have a place where you can keep track of your private or professional network. Besides you can get in touch with people that are like-minded, that share your interests and hobbies. So as a knitter there are several social media "channels" or apps where you can find and follow others knitters and get yourself some inspiration.


So here is an overview about the social media where you can find #knitwritelaugh and why.

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knitwritelaugh in the press

knitwritelaugh was featured in a local newspaper - and online! I met the journalist at h+h Cologne and we had a nice conversation about knitting, handicraft and my blog. Thanks, Leslie Brook, it was a pleasure talking to you!


You can find the article here:

RP online: Nähen und Stricken - Selbstgemachtes liegt im Trend

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Visiting h+h Cologne

Last week I visited the h+h Cologne, an international trade fair for creative handicraft and hobby supplies. Meaning: I spent a day in knitting heaven!

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So here I am starting my own blog. Hello and welcome!

This blog is about knitting and everything connected to this topic. I will show you my current knitting projects, my experience with certain yarns (especially the ones I really like and recommend) and patterns I tested or created on my own. About techniques, about supplies, about materials, colours, about yarn shops.


Knitted clothes are part of fashion and I want to show you knitting trends that are "up to date", knitted pieces you might like to shop or use as an inspiration for your own knittings.

Sometimes you find a knitted piece and you are not sure what other clothes to combine? I will show you styling ideas that will accentuate your knitting while giving you a stylish and modern look.


I hope you enjoy it!

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